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Sac Design: Remember Swivel Chairs?

Photo courtesy of Kerrie Kelly Design Studios.

REMEMBER SWIVEL CHAIRS? They were living room staples from the 1950s through the 1970s, which is why many of us have happy memories of spinning dizzily on them at Grandma’s house. Now they’re back in a big way.

“More and more people are tapping into what works for their lifestyle and what brings them joy in their home,” says Kerrie Kelly, CEO and creative director at Kerrie Kelly Design Studio, about the swivel chair revival. “People feel nostalgic about them being playful and fun.”

Kelly frequently calls for swivel chairs in her clients’ homes because they work so well in spaces that call for versatility and comfort. In a great room, for example, chairs can conveniently be oriented toward multiple focal points—a window, a television or the fireplace—with one effortless maneuver.

Kelly recommends taking swivel chairs for a spin—literally—before purchasing to ensure they rotate fluidly without any creaking or bumpiness. Unlike typical armchairs, swivels are workhorses that can break down if they’re not made with high-quality parts.

For her projects, Kelly favors classic upholstery options like leather or faux leather, which “are timeless and can give a space a bit of a grounding effect.” Velvet is another versatile choice, she says, “especially in a statement color.”


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