30 Years of Change


In 1975, Sacramento magazine was born. Then called Sacramento Valley Lifestyle, the magazine debuted in January that year, and carried a note from publisher Gary Brown and vice-president Martin Cracchiolo: “It doesn’t take years of study to learn that a metropolitan area of more than 600,000 people needs its own local magazine,” they wrote. “It’s simply a natural step in an area’s growing process.”

Sacramento magazine has been growing along with the community ever since. That first issue was 64 pages and carried 30 editorial pages; this January issue is 168 pages, with 95 editorial pages. Once a freebie given away in local banks, today the magazine boasts a paid subscriber base of more than 46,000 readers.

Back then, it was the Sacramento Solons playing baseball at Hughes Stadium; today it’s the Sacramento River Cats playing at Raley Field and the Sacramento Kings shooting hoops at Arco Arena. Then, Arden Fair Mall’s Market Square was the Food Circus, three-bedroom homes sold for $20,000 and the photos in the magazine featured green shag carpet, fern bars and lots of long hair.

We’ve come a long way. To celebrate the magazine’s 30th anniversary this month, on the following pages we showcase some of the changes the community—and the magazine—has seen. Enjoy the trip back in time.