Radio Station at Work

96.1 FM KYMX Mix 96;
Listening to the radio at work can be a potential minefield. You have to be painstakingly careful not to offend, annoy or otherwise bother those listening to the station selected, which can be quite a feat when you consider the personality mix that makes up most work environments. Mix 96 is Sac Mag readers’ No. 1 choice. It nixes songs about girls kissing girls (and liking it) and other songs that may cause co-workers to blush. According to program director Bryan Jackson, the music you hear on the Mix is chosen by listeners, selected at random to participate in music surveys. The process leaves for little confusion about what to play. “Usually it is pretty clear what they like and don’t like,” Jackson says. What makes the cut? A mix of soft rock and pop, including such workstation-friendly artists as Billy Joel and Daughtry, LeAnn Rimes and old-school Madonna. With air talent who keep the talk politically correct (and mostly nonpolitical), the Mix is a safe bet to listen to at work.