Blooming Cycle

The pink-and-white two-wheeler parked in front of a new flower shop in midtown isn’t just for show. It’s a working bike—a company vehicle, so to speak. “Our bicycle deliveries are becoming very popular,” says Cathy Brooks, owner of Visual Impact Design on L Street. “We’ve got a couple of different bikes—two right now—and we’re expanding as needed.” So what’s that mean to you? There’s no delivery charge to downtown and midtown locations between the freeways and from Broadway to C Street. “It’s fun and goes with the whole midtown vibe,” Brooks says about the service that started in May when she opened the shop. “Everybody’s riding bikes in midtown now. It just really fits in with the culture.”

After 40 Winks, Fabulous Lashes



Got skimpy, seriously stubby eyelashes even after glopping on layers of mascara? Hear hear: Eyelash extensions can give you sexy, sweeping lashes in an afternoon. OK, anything that miraculous is bound to be pricey: $200 for extensions that will last a month, more or less, depending on how careful you are with them. No one would blame you if you needed a reason to indulge. (Think wedding, anniversary or just big ol’ party.) If you don’t need an excuse, you’ve got company. “I have a mix of clients: gals in their 20s to gals in their 50s—women who don’t want to spend time with mascara or even eye makeup,” says eyelash pro and esthetician Julie Rush of Body Advantage in midtown. “That’s the real luxury. Their eyelashes stand out so beautifully, they don’t really have to wear eye makeup.” Rush uses a special bonding agent to attach each pre-curled synthetic lash to the base of one of your naturals. While you’re stretched out on her cushy table listening to music, she’ll tip in 30 to 50 lashes per upper lid. When she’s done, she’ll wake you up. “It takes about two hours, and a lot of women just fall asleep,” she says. (Photos: Courtesy of Julie Rush)

Home Tour Mixes the Hip and the Historic

What: Sacramento Old City Association Home Tour

When: Sunday, Sept. 21, 10 a.m.–4 p.m.

Winn Park/Capitol Avenue neighborhood bounded by 19th Street on the west, J Street on the north, 29th Street on the east and R Street on the south

Don’t miss:
The new Sutter Brownstones at 26th and N streets and the restored Queen Anne-style Victorian at 2213 N St.

Tickets: $18 in advance, $20 on tour day 

Where to buy:
Check the SOCA website, sacoldcity.org, for tour-day ticket booth and street fair location. Advance tickets available at Collected Works, 4524 Freeport Blvd.; Joann’s Elegant Gifts, 1019 L St.; and the 57th Street Antique Mall, 875 57th St.

Can you walk the tour? With comfortable shoes, yes

Can you bike it? You bet

(Photo: Randy Lum)