Sneak Peek


Lina Fat’s Refrigerator
Lina Fat worked as a pharmacist before joining husband Ken’s family’s restaurant business. Today, Fat is vice president/director of food for Fat City Incorporated, which runs Frank Fat’s, Fat City, Fat Catering & Banquet Facility, Fat’s Asia Bistro in Roseville and Folsom, and Fat City Steakhouse in San Diego. She has received accolades for her prowess in the kitchen and in business and is the author of The Lina Fat Cookbook: Recipes From the Fat Family Restaurants. Fat enjoys cooking for her family, which includes her husband, three children and seven grandchildren. “Usually, I try to cook on weekends when I have more time,” Fat says. What’s in this award-winning chef’s refrigerator? Take a peek.

Fat’s husband, Ken, drinks  fat-free milk; Fat prefers Almond Breeze. 

Fat enjoys a variety of produce: orange cauliflower, acorn squash, berries. Chili peppers give dishes added kick.

Marinated  artichoke hearts share space with English muffins and bread.

 Fat likes using squid sauce because “it’s not too fishy. When it’s too fishy, I don’t like it for the food,” she says.

Condiments include horse – radish mustard, mango spread and dragon eye honey. “It is not as sweet as the regular honey, but it is very, very nice.”

Different recipes require different types of chili sauce.

XO sauce is a favorite of Fat’s. “It has shrimp and scallops,” she says. “We treat it like gold, it is
so expensive.”