Sneak Peek: Sid Garcia-Heberger's Office


Sid Garcia-Heberger has been involved with the Crest Theatre since its reopening in 1986. In management since 1988, she currently is CEO of CSLM, Inc., the corporation that operates the historic K Street venue. In addition to showcasing top-notch mainstream and indie flicks, the theater hosts authors, comedians and various noteworthy speakers, along with concerts, film festivals—even an annual midnight movie series. Mementoes from some of these events, plus a few others, share space in Garcia-Heberger’s tiny office near the concession stand, where the smell of popcorn wafts in daily. We had to ask: Does she partake? Yes, she allows herself one 12 oz. cup of popcorn a day.






Photo of her son, Nicolas, around age 4. “I love that he’s just really playing intensely and he’s got dirt smudged on his face and he’s probably—you can’t see it—but he’s probably got his fingers in sand with cars clutched in his little hands.”

Drawing by Nicolas, in the 2nd grade, illustrating the word diversity. “I just thought that was so beautiful—that that’s what my little son came up with.”

Rubber duck collection. “Once you’ve got three of anything, it’s a collection; so now people give me rubber ducks.”

“It used to be a functioning bulletin board, but over time the cool stuff has crowded out the work stuff. Now it’s like an art piece.”

Poster signed by filmmaker Michael Moore when he came to the Crest  in 2007 for a screening of his movie Sicko. He watched the entire film because he was so impressed with the quality of the projection and the sound, says Garcia-Heberger. 

Bobblehead of a Yiddish author given to Garcia-Heberger by her partner in the Jewish Film Festival. “It’s probably the best of all of them (the gifts). It’s pretty funny.”