Sneak Peek: John Lescroart


John lescroart’s desk
New York Times best-selling author John Lescroart has written 22 novels in his nearly 30-year career, publishing a new book every year since 1987. His latest, Damage—a continuation of the San Francisco-based Dismas Hardy/Abe Glitsky series—came out last month. Here’s a peek at the Davis-based writer’s desk where he pens his legal thrillers.


Check out John at his desk in this video!

Screenplay Lescroart is working on—on spec—for his novel The Hunt Club.

Mont Blanc fountain pen used by
Lescroart to sign his first contract and given to him by his wife, Lisa Sawyer.

Magnifiying glass given to Lescroart by the California Association of
Licensed Investigators.

Book given to Lescroart by an
employee at an AT&T store in Davis.

One of Lescroart’s protagonists,
Dismas Hardy, is into throwing darts. “I get into his head a little bit when I do that,” Lescroart says.

Lescroart’s “lucky” pen holders made for him by his children—Justine, 23, and Jack, 22—when each child was in the first grade.

Baseball signed by his son’s Little League team when Lescroart was coach.

Calculator “to compute the huge sums of money that flow in every day,” quips Lescroart sarcastically.

Postcards advertising Lescroart’s latest book, Damage, which was released Jan. 4, 2011.