Selling Sacramento


Last year, a handful of locals hatched a plan to turn Sacramento into one of the country’s top food destinations.

If they have their way, tourists someday will flock here just to eat in our region’s restaurants, taste at our wineries, marvel at our farmers markets and tour our farms. Given our proximity to San Francisco and the Napa Valley, it sounds audacious, even a bit presumptuous. But it could happen.

It started with restaurateur Josh Nelson, whose family owns Ella, The Kitchen and Selland’s Market-Cafe. One day, his wife mentioned reading a food-trends story predicting that farmers would replace celebrity chefs as the rock stars of the food world. That got him thinking. His stepfather, the celebrated chef Randall Selland, has been shopping at farmers markets for more than two decades and is one of the city’s leading supporters of local farmers. For Selland and many other Sacramento foodies, local farmers are already rock stars.


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