Sacramento Comedy Spot Grand Re-Opening


Moving from humble digs on Broadway, the Sacramento Comedy Spot opens Friday at a new location in the Marrs Building on 20th and J streets. (The Sac Comedy Spot features improv, sketch, and stand-up comedy.) This move is particularly important to me as I’ve been a performer with the Spot for more than 5 years.

If you’ve never seen improv or live sketch comedy before, then you’re really missing out! We sometimes base a whole 30 minute set on just one word from an audience member, or an hour-long improv on the contents of an audience member’s wallet.

Most shows cost less than $10, and none of that silly two-drink-minimum stuff.

Check the Sacramento Comedy Spot’s website for information on show times, tickets, and a schedule of classes where you can learn how perform improv, write sketches, and put together a stand-up act worthy of the club circuit.