Publisher’s Note: Surveys Say


To learn more about our readers, in fall 2007, we hired a firm to conduct a survey of Sacramento magazine subscribers. Monroe Mendelsohn Research in New York, a well-respected media research firm, sent an eight-page questionnaire to 1,000 Sacramento subscribers. Response rate was huge at 41 percent. We then had a second company, Research One, summarize several hundred pages of survey results. In her overview, Research One’s Gail McGrady notes, “I have to say that in my 30 years of doing subscriber studies, it is clear in yours that Sacramento has an especially good relationship with your readers. Time spent reading is high—more than an hour with each issue, and the subscribers are highly consistent readers, as 81 percent read all four of the last four issues.”

Additionally, we are very proud of the fact that 96 percent of respondents rate Sacramento as trustworthy and credible. Similarly, 96 percent judge the overall publication as “very good” to “excellent.”

Throughout the past year, many Sacramento readers have commented favorably on our increased investment in providing comprehensive information on food, wine and dining out. (See “Eat/Drink,” which begins on page 235 this month.) Nearly 89 percent of respondents rated Sacramento as “the information source” for dining and restaurant information.

As we are involved in the community, so, too, are our subscribers: 89 percent say they are involved in civic activities. What’s more, subscribers to Sacramento don’t simply turn the pages; they read their issues. The survey showed that 97 percent of respondents took action as a result of reading an issue, including discussing the stories with someone (65 percent), saving an issue for future reference (64 percent), dining at a featured restaurant (78 percent) or recommending a restaurant, store, service or product (42 percent) that we covered.

This is a month of illuminating surveys, as we present in this issue the results of Sacramento’s 2007 “For Women Only” survey. This is the fourth time since 1999 that Sacramento has conducted this comprehensive survey of our female readers, and the convenience of completing the digital version at enabled more women to respond. We are grateful to our cohorts at KCRA 3 and My58 for their coverage of the survey. Once again, the results run the gamut from provocative to exciting to inspirational to depressing. Nearly two-thirds of respondents claim to be happily married, while only 28 percent are “very happy” with their earnings. Disturbingly, one in three respondents has experienced sexual harassment on the job, and one in five had an affair while in a committed relationship. Please see page 126 for the whole story, and throughout February watch “KCRA 3 Reports” from 5 to 7 a.m. on KCRA 3, and “KCRA 3 News” from 7 to 9 a.m. on KQCA My58 for in-depth reports on the survey.

As both of these surveys show, at Sacramento we are eager to learn our readers’ interests, concerns and criticisms. E-mail me anytime: