Publisher’s Note: Silver Linings


One of life’s surprising and often-forgotten truths is that good comes out of bad. Although some experiences are much worse than others, there are silver linings to most dark clouds. Several situations have reminded me of this lately.

Our daughter, Laura, was involved in an automobile accident this month when another driver ignored a stop sign and smashed into her car, a block from the home she shares with seven other students in Chico. Though badly bruised—both air bags opened and the car was totaled—Laura wasn’t seriously hurt. My wife felt a horrifying chill when the call came shortly after: “Mom, I’m OK, but I’ve been in an accident.”

We endured a sleepless night, thinking of what might have happened, how lucky she was, and realizing the gift we had in this child. We drove to Chico the following morning. As we handled details of the car, we savored the moments together more than we normally would, worried less about the little things, and gave and got more hugs.

A friend of mine since high school passed away recently after a battle with cancer. His memorial service brought together his very large circle of friends and family, who shared grief and celebrated a life. Led by his only child, his lovely 28-year-old daughter, the memorial was powerfully touching. She described the kind and caring father who had raised her after her mother died when she was little. Through tears, she expressed her anger at his illness and at God for taking him, along with the joy of spending time with him during his final months. Her words of love and loss reminded us that her dad, and our friend, is no longer in pain. Friends and families reconnected around the gift we had in him.

It has been difficult to find silver linings in the economic woes that have impacted our community and nearly every company, including ours. Nonetheless, there are some. While we’ve had to let some fine people go, drop some projects and cut costs, as a company, we are more clearly focused upon the tasks at hand, working smarter and harder with less. Through it all, we have strived to keep Sacramento magazine and more relevant to the times. I hope that our running a tighter, refocused ship is the silver lining for our company, and that you’ll find our print and web products to be more entertaining and useful than ever. Please send me an e-mail to let me know what you think.