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By Andrea Todd
Don Lipper contributed to this story

How Important Is Salary?

According to, which provides compensation-related data online, inadequate compensation is the No. 1 reason for job dissatisfaction. It has been proven time and time again that fair pay practices benefit not only the employee, but the employer, by reducing unwanted and unanticipated turnover costs, states the site. Employees who are paid competitively, relative to their specific market, are generally much happier.

What drives workers out even if the pay is fantastic? Reasons for job dissatisfaction that follow close behind inadequate pay include:
No. 2: Inadequate opportunities for career advancement.
No. 3: Insufficient recognition or appreciation, which includes, it should be noted, compensation (as well as benefits and the work experience).
No. 4: Boredom.
No. 5: Inadequate benefits.
No. 6: Inadequate opportunities for professional advancement in other areas than their chosen career.
No. 7: Insufficient job security, such as outsourcing.
No. 8: Undesirable impact on health or stress level.
No. 9: Poor relations with management.
No. 10: Undesirable commute.

C.J. Regan
Tech Sales
Sapia Networks, Rocklin
$75,000 a year

Ella Blair
Baby Model
$200 a gig

Kate Elizabeth Vong
Sales Associate
Movado Company Store in Vacaville
$40,000 a year

Anthony J. Poston
Risk Management Consultant
Co-founder, ESM Solutions
$80,000-plus a year

Boris Kiksman
Engineering Technician
City of Sacramento Department ofTransportation
$26 an hour

Cherilyn Gibson
Real Estate Loan Underwriter II
Cal State 9 Credit Union
$23 an hour plus incentives

Kyle Decoque
City of Roseville Parks and Recreation
$7.71 an hour

Kim Campbell
Professional Model
Cast Images
$30,000 a year

Duane Ram
Accounts Receivable Manager
BIA Cordon Bleu, Inc.
$35,000 a year

Heidi Hall
Fitness Instructor
$28 an hour

Fred DeRuvo
Part-Time Instructor, Sierra College
$1,600 a month (teaches two classes per semester)

Jo-ann Whitley
Certification Specialist
VBR Foster Family Agency
$30,000 a year

Anthony Snow
Nuclear Medicine Technologist
Mercy General Hospital
$68.96 an hour

De Shaune Elder
Wells Fargo Bank
$10 an hour

Noelle Lamprecht
Law Clerk
$40,000 a year

Allison Christine Cather
Assistant Director
John Robert Powers School System
$10 an hour

Shanell White
Administrative Assistant
Zimmer CustomPackaging
$38,000 a year

Neketia Brown
Homeowner’s Insurance Department, California State Automobile Association
$45,000 a year

Brandi Steichen
Administrative Assistant
Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, UC Davis Medical Center
$29,000 a year

Patrick Minderler
Real Estate Agent
Century 21 Western Sierra Properties, Placerville
$3,000 a month

Tara Depue
Part-Time High School Teacher
Placer Union School District
$14,000 a year

Paul T. McGee
Court Attendant
Sacramento Superior Courthouse
$32,000-$37,000 a year

Dorena Goding
Environmental Scientist
California State Water Board
$57,000 a year

Emily Giglio
Claims Assistant
Jenkins Athens Insurance Services
$43,000 a year

Michelle B. Armstrong
ILS Program Manager
Strategies To Empower People
$36,000 a year

Karilyn Edwards
Certified Public Accountant (self-employed)
$60,000 a year

Zondra Wilson
Account Representative
Yellow Book USA
$60,000 a year

Shellette Smallwood
Administrative Analyst
City of Sacramento
$55,000 a year

Audra Layne Lauer
$24,000 a year
Steven Buell, RNUC
Davis Department of Psychiatry
$90,000 a year

Shaun Carroll
Part-Time Manager
California Cafe
$17 an hour

Shae Sprigg
Bartender/Notary Public/Web Designer
$19 an hour/$10 an hour/$30 an hour

Nick FenskeHead
Clerk (Night Crew)
Raley’s, Placerville
$19.08 an hour

Julie Williams
Voice-Over Artist/Coach
$300 an hour

Natasha Asbury
Special Education Instructor
$11.45 an hour

Ryan Maerklen
Sacramento Metropolitan Fire
$72,182 a year

Keith Smith
Wastewater Administrator
City of Davis
$92,243 a year

Jami Ferreira
Advertising Consultant/Owner
J. Concepts Advertising
$50,000 a year

Candy Armstrong
Community Enhancement Manager
City of Elk Grove
$52,106-$68,300 a year
John Hofman
Sports Performance Coach
Velocity SportsPerformance
$13.50 an hour

Dan Yaroch
Wastewater Treatment Plant Supervisor
City of Placerville
$54,156-$65,832 a year

Robert GossParks and Recreation Director
City of Folsom
$119,268-$138,312 a year

Kelly Stringfellow
The Paul and Phil Show, Y-92.5
$24,000 a year (plus talent fees)

Stacy Leitner
Executive Assistant to the City Manager
Rancho Cordova
$49,584-$60,540 a year

Alicia Nicole Dunams
Technical Writer
Docu-Tech Technical Writing and Training Services
$105,000 a year

Max Fernandez, Gary Little, Tim Quintero
Neighborhood Services Area Directors
City of Sacramento
$79,027-$118,541 a year

Harry UyLoan
Processor/Underwriter for Katrina Victims
U.S. Small Business Administration
$51,000 a year

Randall Goodwin
City Architect, West Sacramento
$77,424-$94,092 a year

Michael Chen
Martial Arts Instructor
Martial Arts Club of Sacramento State University
$25-$50 an hour

*City Managers’ Annual Salaries:
John Danielson, City Manager, Elk Grove: $205,000
W. Craig Robinson, City Manager, Roseville: $192,784
Ray Kerridge, City Manager, Sacramento: $189,900
Martha Lofgren, City Manager, Folsom: $186,480
Carlos Urrutia, City Manager, Rocklin: $158,880
Ted Gaebler, City Manager, Rancho Cordova: $156,156-$190,644
Richard Kirkwood, City Manager, Woodland: $154,128
Toby Ross, City Manager, West Sacramento $150,800
Henry Tingle, City Manager, Citrus Heights: $142,538-$171,046
Bill Emlen, Acting City Manager, Davis: $127,296
Robert Richardson, City Manager, Auburn: $112,362
John Driscoll, City Manager/City Attorney, Placerville: $94,860-$115,308

*Highest-Paid Executives/Local Public Companies:
Gary Pruitt
Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer
The McClatchy Company
$2,177,771 a year

Frank Whittaker
Vice President of Operations
The McClatchy Company
$839,244 a year

Robert Weil
Vice President of Operations
The McClatchy Company
$819,140 a year

Gary Gall
President and Chief Executive Officer
Western Sierra Bancorp
$688,467 a year

Terry Hall
Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer
GenCorp Inc.
$644,259 a year

William Purdy
Vice President, President of Real Estate
GenCorp Inc.
$620,386 a year

Richard Bachli
Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer
Placer Sierra Bancshares
$616,740 a year

Howard Weaver
Vice President of News
The McClatchy Company
$507,716 a year

Michael Martin
Vice President, President of Aerojet-General Corp.
GenCorp Inc.
$473,210 a year

Randall Reynoso
Chief Operating Officer, Placer Sierra Bancshares, Treasurer, Placer Sierra Bank
Placer Sierra Bancshares
$419,054 a year

David Hooston
Chief Financial Officer, Placer Sierra Bancshares; Treasurer, Placer Sierra Bank
Placer Sierra Bancshares
$418,156 a year

David Taber
President and Chief Executive Officer
American River Bancshares
$399,094 a year

Kirk Dowdell
Executive Vice President, President and Chief Executive Officer
Western Sierra National Bank
$378,526 a year

Robert Campbell
President of Bank of Orange County Division
Placer Sierra Bancshares
$371,757 a year

Steve Oldham
President and Chief Executive Officer
SureWest Communications Co.
$350,000 a year

Fred Arcuri
Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
SureWest Communications Co.
$220,000 a year

Jay Kinder
Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of SureWestTelephone and SureWest Directories
SureWest Communications Co.
$292,044 a year

Yasmin Seyal
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
GenCorp Inc.
$318,167 a year

Ronald Mittelstaedtv
President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board
Waste Connections Inc.
$314,000 a year

Robert Muttera
Executive Vice President and Chief Credit Officer of Placer Sierra Bank
Placer Sierra Bancshares
$296,634 a year

Sacramento Kings Salaries 2006/2007
Mike Bibby: $12,500,000
Brad Miller: $9,625,000
Bonzi Wells: $8 million
Corliss Williamson: $6,500,000
Shareef Abdur-Rahim: $5,400,000
Francisco Garcia: $1,092,600

Ronnie Price: $398,762
Source: Hoopshype

Crime Fighters
Albert Najera, Police Chief, Sacramento: $114,140-$171,210
James Hyde, Police Chief, Davis: $120,655
Carey Sullivan, Police Chief, Woodland: $103,032-$132,276
Mark Siemens, Police Chief, Rocklin: $103,428-$132,000
Dan Drummond, Police Chief, West Sacramento: $89,196-$120,600
Bill Smull, Police Chief, Lincoln: $83,220-$101,160
Sam Spiegel, Police Chief, Folsom: $135,660-$157,320
Valerie Harris, Police Chief, Auburn: $82,860-$100,716
George Nielsen, Police Chief, Placerville $79,824-$97,020

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