Last Call: Stella Premo


Director of Marketing and Community Relations, Vanir Development Company

A book you’d recommend to a friend: The Road Less Traveled.

Favorite holiday: Thanksgiving. A close second is my birthday.

Favorite sport to watch: My daughter’s soccer games.

Most recent indulgence: A Silver Oak wine dinner at La Provence with my husband.

First thing you’d do after winning the lottery: Call my mom and tell her to quit her job.

Something about you people would be surprised to know: I’ve actually changed my own brakes on my car.

Cherished things in your home: I collect giraffes. I have a couple of really great, beautiful giraffes.

Favorite TV show you hate to admit you watch: “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”

Celebrity you’d like to change places with for a day: Halle Berry—that’s my husband’s favorite actress.

Favorite holiday tradition: We go family midnight bowling every New Year’s Eve.