Last Call: Rich Hanna


Owner, Capital Road Race Management

Nickname: I started running so young, my nickname—and I hate to say this—was Bambi.

Favorite time of year: Definitely fall.

First thing you do in the morning: Make my coffee and read the headlines in the newspaper.

If you weren’t organizing races for Capital Road Race Management, what would you be doing? Something in the legal or real estate fields.

Someone you admire: My dad, for sure. He would be No. 1.

Something about you people would be surprised to know: My favorite sport is baseball, not running.

Three things that are always in your fridge: Diet Pepsi, Go-GURT for my son and nonfat milk.

Something that makes you laugh out loud: Hanging around my friend Tony.

Celebrity you had a crush on in the seventh grade: Justine Bateman.

Next vacation: To Disneyland, because my son has never been there.