Last Call: R. Scott Edwards


R. Scott Edwards Owner, Scott’s Comedy Club

Three words that best describe me are:
Loud, personable and romantic. (My wife made me write this!)

The thing I like best about Sacramento is:
Perfect summer nights.

My biggest indulgences are:
Ice cream and scuba diving (preferably at the same time).

I am most happy when:
I’m on stage.

The first purchase I’d make after winning the lottery is: Send my wife to all the best baseball stadiums.

If I could change one thing about myself, it would be: My patience level. Quick, what’s next?

The person I most admire is: Bill Graham (the concert promoter, not the evangelist&emdash;really). It makes me sad to see: Half a house going down the freeway&emdash;divorce is a bitch.

My dream car is: Jaguar hearse from the movie Harold and Maude.

I love the smell of:
Mimeograph copies (I’m old).

The section of the newspaper I turn to first is: The entertainment section.