Last Call: Olivia Coelho


Owner, Olipom, midtown vintage and indie designer clothing boutique; Founder, Sellout Buyout, quarterly Second Saturday show and sale of fashions and accessories made by local artists and designers

When I was little, I wanted to be:

A magical forest nymph.

My biggest indulgences are: Facials and Nutella&emdash;very, very late at night.

I love the feeling of:
Riding my bicycle at night in the summer.

People would be surprised to know: That I watch an absurd amount of reality TV.

I’m a big believer that: Love in your heart brings love in your life.

I never get tired of : My cat and my Pom(eranian).

It makes me sad to see:
People in gigantic vehicles driving carelessly.

My favorite time of year is: Right now.

My most-dreaded chore is: Putting my clothes away.

The people I most admire are: My parents. They are still in love after 40 years; they work hard and have always been there for me.

The section of the newspaper I turn to first is:
The weather, then people and places.

My dream vacation would be:
On mo-peds, to hot springs, swinging in a hammock, minty lemonade, with my husband.