Last Call: Mike TeSelle


Anchor/Reporter, KCRA 3

Up through my college days, everyone called me Tes, but after my first job, it kinda just died away.

Instant mood-booster: A homemade chocolate chip cookie.

What scares you?
Losing. I’m an ultracompetitor.

What makes you the happiest? I know it sounds clich, but seeing a smile on my children’s faces when they experience something new.

Next vacation:
Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.

Favorite time of day:
Before everyone else is awake.

Favorite comfort food: I hate to be redundant, but I have to go back to chocolate chip cookies. Besides cookies, pizza.

First thing you’d do after winning the lottery:
Send my parents to Hawaii.

Celebrity you’d like to change places with for a day: Simon Cowell.