Last Call: Mason Wong


Owner, Mason’s Restaurant

My biggest indulgence is: Food! All types.

I love the smell of:
A big, fat steak&emdash;at Mason’s, of course.

When I was little, I wanted to be: A professional boxer so that I could beat my brothers up.

The best decision I ever made was: Getting rid of my Angel Flight pants.

The worst decision I ever made was:
Wearing long hair in a ponytail.

People would be surprised to know:
I’m kind of shy.

I’m a big believer that: Good karma brings good things.

I am most proud of: My family, especially my eight nieces and nephews&emdash;grooming them to take over.

My most-dreaded chore is: Getting stuck with the back end of our two Jack Russells.

I don’t waste my time:
Overthinking things. Go with your gut instinct.

My fantasy job would be:
I’m living the dream owning Mason’s. Plus, I get my name on the building.