Last Call: Dana Howard


My favorite way to relax is with: A walk through Yosemite Valley.

I am an avid: Listener.

I’m embarrassed to admit: I am a cookie addict. I always have a stash in my drawer.

I wish I could: Figure out a way to make sure that every child had a good home.

When I was a kid, I had the biggest crush on
: Lena Horne. She was old enough to be my grandmother, but I would watch her in the old movies on the black-and-white TV and I just thought she was beautiful.

If I weren’t in television news, I’d be: Roaming the world.

My favorite vacation destination is: St. John, in the Caribbean.

I am inspired by: People who really just don’t complain and just get on with life. 

If I could change places with someone for one day, it would be with: My dad. I’d really like to see how he perceives me as well as the world he grew up in.

My favorite time of year is: Every day the sun comes up and I’m still here. I’ve gotten to that age.