Last Call: Blake Young


President/CEO, Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services

When I was little, I wanted to be:

A National Geographic photographer.

I am most happy when: I’m backpacking in the wilderness.

My biggest indulgence is: My time with my daughters, Ariel and Dani.

People would be surprised to know: That I spent three years as an Army infantryman.

The best decision I ever made was: Marrying my wife, Cyndie, and starting a family.

The worst decision I ever made was: Giving up on guitar lessons.

I’m a big believer that: If you have passion and enthusiasm, success will follow.

My most-dreaded chore is: Anything involving cooking or dishes.

My dream car is: Anything four-wheel drive.

I don’t waste my time: Worrying about the things I can’t control.

The section of the paper I turn to first is: The sports section.

My favorite holiday is: Thanksgiving&emdash;an opportunity to help others and celebrate The Run To Feed The Hungry.