Last Call: Beth Hassett


Executive Director, Women Escaping a Violent Environment

Three words that best describe me are:

Enthusiastic, inventive and gregarious.

I am most proud of: Being a part of the dedicated, hardworking staff at WEAVE.

My most dreaded chore is:
Anything pertaining to keeping the bathroom functioning or pleasant.

My favorite season is:

The best decision I ever made was:
Marrying my husband and following him to California.

The worst decision I ever made was: My Dorothy Hamill hairdo in ninth grade.

It makes me sad to see: The effects of domestic violence on children.

My biggest indulgence is: The New York Times crossword puzzle.

I love the feeling of: Driving a little too fast over the hill on 16th Street just before North B.

I’m a big believer that:
If you say what you want out loud enough times, it will happen.

People would be surprised to know:
I won first place in the American College Theater Festival Region III One-Act Playwriting Competition in 1991.

The celebrity I’d most like to meet is:
Christopher Guest.