Hill Top Oaks Winery

hill top oaks winery

High atop a hill in Loomis, you can gaze out over one of the most expansive and breathtaking views of the Sacramento Valley. Soon, you will be able to enjoy the view with a glass of wine in your hand from Hill Top Oaks Winery.

Mark Davis, a local commercial contractor with experience building wineries such as Delfino Farms winery and tasting room and Kenwood Vineyard’s tasting room, joined forces with his his father-in-law (Ron), brother-in-law (Tim) and a friend (John) and began making wine together as home winemakers. After a few vintages, the wines began winning awards at regional competitions and the California State Fair. Inspired by their success, the team started experimenting with more varieties and blends and eventually had produced 10 different types of wine.

hill top oaks winery

With a handful of wines sourced from wellknown vineyards such as Shake Ridge Ranch in Sutter Creek, Great Bear Vineyards in Davis, and Clos du Lac in Loomis, Hill Top Oaks is ready to make its commercial debut with a production level of approximately 250 cases. The tasting room is expected to be completed in spring 2021. However, wine lovers can visit the Hill Top Oaks Winery website now to place orders for shipping.

Looking toward the new year, the winery’s new tasting room will be situated on the ridge of what was formerly a cattle ranch, and has been a family estate since 1963. While lots of history surrounds this piece of land, this new addition is being envisioned as a destination spot, with some modern accoutrements, where friends and family can gather to relax, make memories, share wine and take in the picturesque scenery at eye level with hawks and vultures circling in the sky.

winery views

To learn more about this newcomer, please visit:  Hill Top Oaks Winery.