You’re the Reviewer


On the theory that everyone’s a critic, we asked you, our readers, to try your hand at writing a restaurant review. Reader Sonya Lovine responded with this review of The Kabob House in Sacramento.

One recent Friday evening, I ventured out to dinner with a friend rather than settle for my normal play-four-hours-of-ball-with-the-dog Friday night. I was hungry for Japanese food, but the friend wanted Greek, so Greek food it was. 

She suggested we go to The Kabob House on Fulton Avenue. From the outside, The Kabob House is not much to look at. Once you walk in, however, you immediately forget that you just stepped off one of the busiest streets in Sacramento. The dining area is relatively small but has a warm, inviting feeling. I arrived a bit early, so I told the waitress that I had never had Greek food before and wasn’t looking forward to it. She was extremely kind and recommended the garlic chicken. When my friend arrived, I placed my safe order, while she ordered the shrimp kabobs. 

The garlic chicken consisted of four marinated boneless, skinless fillets, grilled over hot coals and served with garlic mayonnaise. Although I’m not a big fan of mayonnaise, I thought this was the best chicken and mayo I’d ever tasted. The chicken, served over rice, was grilled perfectly and was very soft, tender and flavorful, and the garlic mayonnaise (served on the side) was simply indescribable.

A very fresh, light Greek salad (with tomato, feta cheese, olives and an oil-and-vinegar dressing) also was served, along with wedges of soft, warm pita bread. Delicious! I enjoyed every bite of my meal. My first Greek dining experience was sensational. The serving was so large (and reasonably priced) that I even managed to take a bit of chicken and rice home for my beloved furry friend.

1726 Fulton Ave., Sacramento; (916) 485-0163;

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