Your Food, Delivered by Bike


A new local company called Edible Pedal has sprung up to offer bike delivery service to restaurants in and around Sacramento’s downtown/midtown Grid.

The company’s first clients are Steamers in Old Sac and OneSpeed, the East Sac pizzeria owned by The Waterboy’s Rick Mahan that’s set to open in a couple of weeks.

Edible Pedal owner John Boyer is a cycling fanatic and bike advocate who works nights as a waiter at La Bohème restaurant in Fair Oaks. He started the business four months ago. “I love bikes and I love food,” he says. “So why not combine the two?

At first, the 50-year-old Boyer made all the deliveries himself, using a bright-orange Dutch-made Batavus delivery bike. The heavy-duty bike has a big cargo rack in front and a basket in back, which he lined with a space blanket to keep hot foods hot, cold foods cold.

He recently brought in 24-year-old Ryan Grady to help out with the pedaling. As he adds more restaurants, he’ll hire more employees.

His dream? He’d like to see delivery bikes become as common in Sacramento as they are on the streets of in New York City. “That’s my vision,” Boyer says. “One bike at a time.”