Worried About Salmonella? Not Me


I just got off the phone with John Paul Khoury, corporate chef for Preferred Meats, which supplies Sacramento’s top restaurants. We were talking about the recent recall of a half-billion eggs because of a salmonella outbreak linked to a couple of egg plants in Iowa. Khoury and I agreed we don’t worry about getting salmonella from eggs. Why? We don’t buy factory-farmed eggs from the grocery store. I get mine from a guy who raises a few chickens on his property in Lincoln, and Khoury gets his from a buddy who knows a farmer outside Wilton. They’re not like the eggs you buy in a supermarket, all nice and uniform. “They’re all different colors,” says Khoury. “They come in random containers collected by the farmer, and some of them have feathers still stuck to them.” He knows a lot of people would freak out at the thought of eating an egg festooned with feathers. That’s too bad, he says. “Americans are detached from their food source,” he says. “This generation has been exposed to subpar-quality food. We’ve been gypped out of eating well.” He adds wryly: “People should know eggs come out of the rear end of a chicken.”