Wine of the Week: Le Casque 2009 Calotte Blanc


Sooner than you think, you’ll be making picnic plans with friends and family. You’ll need a food-friendly wine to cram into that wicker basket, and I’ve found just the one: Le Casque 2009 Calotte Blanc. This refreshing Rhone-style white blend, composed of 35% Viognier, 28% Roussane, 23% Vermentino and 14% Marsanne, was produced in Loomis by a teeny boutique winery, Le Casque, with Amador County-grown grapes. I relished the initial bracing, mineral-flinty hit on the palate, followed by sophisticated, restrained apricot-pineapple flavors and a shy, elegant and lingering fruit finish. Crisp, approachable and light, this is an excellent al fresco wine.