Wine of the Week: Dobra Zemlja “Kikas” Port


Every once in a while, there’s nothing more satisfying than a flavorful, sweet quaff at the end of a good meal. I recently discovered Dobra Zemlja’s light, feisty Kikas port, a dessert-style wine crafted from Zinfandel grapes. Pronounced “kick-ass” (really!) the port is offered to visitors in Dobra Zemlja’s cave-like tasting room with a basketful of brownies or poured over a chunk of biscotti in a wine glass. The beverage’s candied flavors of raspberry, blackberry and violet finish with a definite spicy kick to the palate, and its berry-floral aroma is delectable. My advice? Make a special trip to Dobra Zemlja to pick up a jug of the port –the winery is in nearby Plymouth – and have a picnic on its lovely grounds. And make sure to taste some of the winery’s other products – the Viognier is excellent, as is the Barbera.