Why Sacramento Doesn't Have Food Trucks


Chris Macias had an excellent story on the front page of The Sacramento Bee yesterday on how Sacramento has missed the boat on the food truck trend. According to the story, the city council adopted strict ordinances in 2008 making it virtually impossible for vendors to operate food trucks—the kind made popular by chef Roy Choi, owner of the famous Kogi BBQ truck in Los Angeles. Sacramento bars food vendors from staying in an area for more than 30 minutes, from operating after 6 p.m. from November through March, and from doing business within 400 feet of one another. Too bad. Right now, food trucks are perhaps the most vibrant element of the food scene in L.A., San Francisco, Portland and elsewhere. In the current recession, they provide a cost-effective platform for young chefs who can’t afford to open a restaurant. When I was in L.A. a few weeks ago, I spotted three food trucks on a single block in Venice. Sacramento could use that kind of entrepreneurship. Bring on the food trucks!