What's a Few Cockroaches Between Friends?


For the past two weeks, locals have buzzed over the news that downtown hotspot La Bonne Soupe was closed for health code violations. Namely, the county inspector found cockroaches (both live and dead) near the food prep areas. Owner Daniel Pont was so distraught over the closure of his 8th Street souperie, he collapsed and ended up in the hospital.

When I heard about the cockroaches, my first thought was: What’s the big deal? When I was in college, I worked at one of the most popular restaurants in Washington, D.C. One time I was taking a table’s order when I saw a roach lazily amble along the wall next to my customers. I just kept up a steady patter until the cucaracha was out of sight.

My point: Just about every restaurant deals with cockroaches. (Rats, too. But that’s another story.) I don’t think La Bonne Soupe is alone.

Now go enjoy your lunch!