Weekend Shopping at Carniceria Lopez No. 2


Fueled by my insatiable appetite for chile verde, I stopped in at Carniceria Lopez No. 2 on Franklin Boulevard for lunch on Sunday. The best part about dining at this small, friendly restaurant is that it’s attached to a well-stocked Mexican grocery (which shares the same name), so after you’ve gorged yourself you can waddle next door and buy more food. I picked up some of the store’s excellent, hot carnitas, a bagful of the teeniest tomatillos I’ve ever seen, and some dried chiles to take home. This is a great place to stock up on Mexican items like fresh salsa and corn tortillas, specialty cheeses, and an array of marinated, spiced meats like a pre-made (with the vegetables!) chicken fajita mix.

6201 Franklin Boulevard, Sacramento, (916) 393-5957