Weekend Mochi Lust


We all have our food cravings, and mine often hit me out of the blue. One minute I’m paying bills or pulling weeds, the next I’m frantically speeding toward the object of my desire, mouth watering in anticipation. There have been nights when I’ve had a meatloaf baking in the oven and, suddenly overwhelmed by a longing for chicken tikka masala, have hopped in the car and sped to a local Indian restaurant to satisfy my irrational craving. This weekend, I was lured by the siren song of Osaka-Ya’s mochi, the delicately colored, gelatinously pleasing traditional Japanese sweet. These palm-sized confections have a pounded sticky rice – or mochi – exterior with a hidden pocket of beans or bean paste snuggled inside the squishy oval pastry, and they can be addictive (especially the one filled with peanut butter, which can’t be a traditional variation, but it sure tastes great). Despite the pouring rain, I dashed into Osaka-Ya on Saturday and purchased a number of these gooey delights – and managed to finish them all off (with some help from my kids) by that evening.

2215 10th Street, Sacramento, (916) 446-6857