Waiter, Waiter


I’ve eaten twice now at the new Taylor’s Kitchen restaurant in Land Park, which is associated with Taylor’s Market next door. Both times, I’ve been extremely charmed and impressed by the waiter. The first time, we were served by an incredibly enthusiastic young Italian guy who greeted us with “Hello, beautiful people” and steered us in the right direction when it came to ordering wine (my husband loved the Cab he recommended) and dessert. (At his urging, I ordered the Gran Caffe, a tiny and absolutely delicious demitasse of espresso and hot chocolate that was better than the flourless chocolate cake we also ordered.) We returned last weekend and had a different but just as charming waiter. (Sorry; he didn’t give us his name, and I didn’t ask.) He was solicitous but not too solicitous, and he joked with us (“Would you like a doggy bag?” he asked my friend Ann, looking pointedly at her completely cleaned plate) in a way that was fun but not too familiar. That’s a difficult line to walk, but he walked it quite well.

            Both times, the waiters added greatly to our sense of celebration. I got a big kick out of them both. I wish more restaurant servers were like these two.