Vegan Food Cart Wows at SPCA Fundraiser


A downtown vegan food cart was named “best restaurant” this past weekend at the 23rd annual Sacramento SPCA Fundraising Gala. Happy Go Lucky Veggie Cuisine beat out close to 30 more established bricks-and-mortar restaurants for the award. “It was kind of a shock,” said Stuart Campbell, who owns the cart with his girlfriend, Stephanie Allen. “We were up against Andy Nguyen’s, Paesanos, Zinfandel Grille, Aioli—a lot of big names.”

The participating restaurants served samplings of their food to 1,500 guests, who then voted for their favorites. Campbell and Allen dished up bowls of sautéed basil eggplant, marinated soy “chicken” and brown rice. “It was tasty and simple—like a miniature bowl of health,” said Campbell. He attributed the couple’s win to the fact that “many animal lovers were there. I think they liked that our food is vegan.” In addition to best restaurant, Happy Go Lucky won in the “best vegetarian food” category.

Happy Go Lucky operates weekdays at the corner of 8th and I streets.