Try It: Zoo Food


My son and I visited the Sacramento Zoo recently to check out Jingga, the new Sumatran tiger cub, and ended up at the zoo’s Kampala Café for a snack. This attractive, airy space, whose glass walls allow visitors to gaze out on the animals as they dine, serves up some surprisingly varied and delicious fare. Big sellers from the regular menu, I’m told, are the double Angus beef cheeseburger, chicken super nachos with black beans, and the pretty fresh fruit salad, but the daily specials – which change constantly – are perhaps the most exciting options. Recent specials offered by the zoo chefs include a “California chicken” grilled with apricot glaze; enchiladas verdes, and a barbecued pulled pork sandwich with sweet potato fries. And I can vouch for the sweet potato fries, since I devoured a basketful by myself – they’re outstanding.