Try It: Tower Cafe’s Oaxacan Eggs Mole


 I’m a big fan of huevos rancheros, and I recently discovered an intriguing variation on this classic breakfast item at Tower Cafe. The restaurant’s Oaxacan Eggs Mole features two eggs, over medium, plopped atop soft corn tortillas that have been layered with refried pinto beans. The ensemble is smothered with an earthy, complex, fragrant mole sauce, then sprinkled with cojita cheese, chopped onions and fresh cilantro. It’s robust, it’s interesting, it’s very tasty – and I’d definitely recommend it, especially on a chilly, gray morning.


Note: If you’re a regular diner at Tower Cafe, you’ll know to save (lots) of room for dessert. I managed to devour a superb piece of German Chocolate cake after my eggs – it was one of the best versions of this traditional cake I have had in town.