Time to Break Out the Eggnog


I’ve never been a big fan of eggnog, but one time a year it tastes great to me – warmed up and spiked with a generous addition of brandy. We always break out the eggnog on tree-decorating day, and as the kids gulp down cup after cup and squabble endlessly about the decorations (“You hung that up last year!” “I made that bread dough giraffe, not you!”) my husband and I sip our fortified beverage and feel a delicious holiday relaxation spread though our tense limbs. As the dog (who hates conflict) slinks around the house with a furrowed brow, seeking a peaceful napping spot (and the cats attempt to knock off the decorations my kids have so painstakingly placed on those wobbly branches), we sit back and savor a family tradition, wrapped in our eggnoggy good cheer.