There's an App For That


You know all those nifty applications for Apple’s iPhone? There are thousands of them—everything from an app that turns your phone into a level so you can hang a picture straight to one that helps you find the cheapest gas station wherever you are.

Not surprisingly, there are lots of food- and restaurant-related apps. Tipulator helps you calculate the tip. Wine Log allows you to upload a picture of a wine label and add your own tasting notes and reviews. Urbanspoon spits out random restaurant recommendations when you shake your phone. Dunkin’ Donuts recently created an app called Dunkin’ Run, which enables co-workers to place orders for a doughnut run.

Evidently, there’s money to be made in creating the next hot new app. My dream app? Burgers Right Now. Press a button and a fully cooked burger and fries pop out of your phone.

Impossible? For now, yes. But in the future, who knows?