The Lemonade Stand is Alive and Well


I discovered two enterprising young ladies late Saturday afternoon briskly selling lemonade to a line of thirsty customers. Sisters Emma (age 9) and Brooke (age 7) Talley, who operate their homegrown business from a wooden stand constructed by their dad (and painted by some helpful neighbors), situated themselves on a well-trafficked corner in East Sacramento to attract the crowds making their hot and weary way to McKinley Park for the last Pops in the Park of the season. The young Talleys’ stand offered an oasis of refreshment for parents, dragging wagons and clasping the sweaty hands of fretful children, and clutches of giggling teenagers, who all shelled out $1 each for a generous cup of the tangy, cold beverage. And what will the Talley sisters do with their newfound wealth? “I’m saving for, um, who-knows-what,” said a thoughtful Emma. Brooke however, knows exactly what she wants — a camera. It seems the lemonade business is a lucrative career choice these days.