Sunday Supper at Selland's


For years, I’ve heard about the fabulous Sunday suppers at the Selland home. Randall Selland may be one of Sacramento’s most famous chefs, but his partner, Nancy Zimmer, is the family cook, whipping up comfort foods such as braised pork roast and spicy carnitas for the couple’s kids and grandkids. The family famously doesn’t work on Sundays, closing all three of their restaurants (The Kitchen, Ella and Selland’s Market-Cafe) so they and their staff can have a day off. But on Sunday, June 27, the Sellands are breaking with tradition to serve a family-style community dinner at their East Sac takeout shop, with Zimmer acting as chef and Randall as her sous. The menu will include flatbread three ways, butter lettuce salad, avocado with marinated bay shrimp, wood oven-roasted chicken breasts stuffed with goat cheese and pesto, rosemary-crusted beef tenderloin, strawberry creamed tart and warm chocolate chip cookies. Dinner is $35; reservations are required. Call (916) 736-3333. Best thing about this family dinner? You don’t have to help clean up.