Strawberry Heaven


I’ve been shamelessly gobbling basket after basket of celestially fragrant, perfectly red, utterly ripe strawberries from my very favorite strawberry stand in the region. Plunked down next to a fecund field of berries, the stand is well known amongst Davis food lovers, who race down Covell Boulevard during their lunch breaks and on the weekends to snatch up a lovely basket or three. Sometimes when you visit, you can buy cosmetically challenged strawberries, perfect for jam-making; and there’s often something extra for sale that’s sure to pique your interest—last time I visited, it was sweet spring peas and blushingly lovely young red onions.

While I hate to reveal its location (promise you won’t buy all the strawberries before I get there?), I feel everyone should have an opportunity to savor such incredible berries. So here are the directions: From downtown Sacramento, take Highway 80 towards Davis, then jump onto Highway 113 towards Woodland. Take the Covell Boulevard exit and make a left on Covell. Pass over Lake Boulevard, and after about 1/3 mile you’ll see the stand on the left side. Believe me, it’s well worth the drive.