Scrumptious Middle Eastern Fare at Maalouf's Taste of Lebanon


As far as I’m concerned, any time is the right time for a sumptuous Middle Eastern meal. One of my favorite places in Sacramento to gorge on this delicious, fresh fare is at Maalouf’s Taste of Lebanon, where I have yet to find a menu item I don’t like. I recently plowed through several platefuls of the restaurant’s grilled chicken and lamb shish kabobs, served atop mounds of flavorful rice with lots of grilled vegetables (the onions were particularly enticing). Other not-to-miss menu items at Maalouf’s are the lively, velvety-smooth houmous dip – garbanzo beans blended with garlic, lemon juice, and tahini (sesame) sauce, drizzled with olive oil and served up with pita bread and a pickle plate; and the lusty, satisfying house-made spinach pie.