Recipes: Just Another Way the Internet Is Changing the Way We All Live


I received Williams-Sonoma’s August catalog in the mail yesterday. These days, I usually toss most catalogs right in the recycling bin (thanks, recession). But I always flip through the one from Williams-Sonoma, which is not only pretty but useful, because it includes recipes. This month’s is particularly good, with mini profiles of eight celebrity chefs, including Jeremy Fox of Napa’s Ubuntu, John Besh, Michael Symon and Michelle Bernstein, and a link to their recipes (

I used to buy cookbooks, lots of them, but I almost never do any more. There are too many free sources of great recipes these days. If I need a recipe, I generally go online, to either (which aggregates recipes from Gourmet and Bon Appetit) or, a fabulous site written by a former Davis resident and professional food photographer who blogs about her daily cooking adventures. The photos on her site are so alluring that I often can’t resist trying out the recipes.

What about you? Do you still buy cookbooks? Where do you get your recipes? Let us know.