Ravioli: A New Holiday Tradition


At a recent dinner, I was introduced to Jim Vinciguerra, or, more precisely, I was introduced to Jim’s raviolis of Vinciguerra Ravioli Co. They are things of beauty; they are magnificent, totally outshining the spit roasted lamb I had, the free wine, even the cheesecake at the aforementioned dinner. 

These little pillows of goodness frozen are sold from a small storefront in Jackson—all frozen, no exceptions. “You don’t want fresh, trust me,” Jim says. “Fresh raviolis stick to the pot, to each other, hell, they’ll stick to water.” 

I’m so impressed with these homemade creations that I’ve decided to make Jim’s raviolis a part of the Sabin Family Christmas. The only question is which kind: spinach, cheese, meat, or pumpkin.

Vinciguerra Ravioli Company does not have a website, but you can find them at 225 Sutter St. in Jackson.
Call (209) 223-7654 for more information.