Poor Girl No Longer in the Running


Local food blogger Kimberly Morales—aka Poor Girl Eats Well—is out of the running in the nationwide Project Food Blog contest. On Friday, the Midtown resident lost in the sixth round of the 10-round competition, which has a $10,000 grand prize. But don’t shed any tears for Morales. As she wrote in a blog post this week, “I couldn’t be happier about having my weekends and my sanity back.” Morales confessed to feeling like a sellout. “I am sore at myself for losing focus, for having my love of food blogging clouded by the distant possibility of $10,000,” she wrote. “Once I entered Project Food Blog, my time and my sanity were pretty much sucked out of me, leaving me to post nothing but PFB-related posts, tweets and Facebook updates.” One good thing came out of it: She attracted a bigger audience. Now that she’s out of the competition, she’s planning to return to her original mission: “helping others find their inner chef and their inner smart, frugal shopper.”