Pie Apples: A Tasty Tip


We seem to be writing about sweets and bakeries a lot this month, but it is prime season for naughty food indulgences. So I’ll add my 2-cent’s worth about pie apples. There are many different varieties of apples – and some are better for baking than others. I like to mix up varieties in my pies, as I have noticed that, when baked, some apples are very juicy, and others are not; some keep their shape after baking, others turn to mush; some have a bright, bracing acidity, others have more mellow, subtle flavors. When you mix 4 or 5 varieties in a pie, you get a more compex and interesting result. Great varieties for pies include Arkansas Black, Granny Smith, Winesap, Golden Delicious, Jonathan and Gala. But ask your favorite produce manager for a recommendation – he may have a locally-grown, lesser-known variety that’s just perfect for your pie.