On the Menu at Tucos


Pru Mendez, chef/owner of Tucos Wine Market & Cafe in Davis, recently put a couple of interesting new items on his dinner menu, including something I’ve never seen before at a restaurant: Build Your Own Macaroni and Cheese. For $9, you choose your favorite cheese from Mendez’s cheese bar. The kitchen melts an ounce of the cheese in some butter, along with a little mozzarella for creaminess, then tosses the sauce with elbow macaroni. You can choose a mild cheese, like Cowgirl Creamery’s Mt. Tam, or do as Mendez recommends and pick a flavorful cheese, such as Roquefort La Petite Cave, Bleu d’Auvergne (both French blue cheeses) or Truffle Tremor, a goat’s milk cheese flavored with truffles. “I haven’t tried a stinky cheese yet, but a stinky would work, too,” says Mendez.
The other new dish that intrigued me: Steak Pizzetta ($16). Mendez bakes a pizza crust with a little garlic, olive oil and fresh mozzarella, then tops its with slices of grilled grass-fed flank steak and a little dressed salad of lettuce, tomato and sweet onion. “It’s all the components of a steak sandwich, done in a pizza format,” says Mendez.
Tucos is at 130 G St. in Davis; (530) 757-6600.