New Ice Cream Flavors at “Thrifty”


Here’s a little barometer of the age of this blog’s readers: How many of you remember Thrifty ice cream? Yes, “Thrifty” ice cream is sold out of area Rite Aid stores. But a long time ago there was actually a store named “Thrifty” and it sold cylindrical-shaped ice cream “scoops” for about a buck. (The dollar amount I am fuzzy about because I didn’t actually buy the ice cream; Mom or Dad bought it for me.)
Thrifty was bought out by Rite Aid some years ago, but luckily most California Rite Aid stores continue to sell the ice cream. And, yes, it’s still cylindrical shaped. Look for new products and flavors coming soon. Among them: vanilla nonfat frozen yogurt and $2.29 take-home pints. New flavors will join old favorites such as butter pecan and Chocolate Malted Crunch and will include sherbet-based apricot and mango, and Circus Cookies.
 Sunday is National Ice Cream Day. What a perfect excuse to go get some ice cream!