Mulvaney's Wins Award for Farmer Friendliness


Mulvaney’s B&L will be honored next week by the Sacramento Area Council of Governments for its “outstanding” efforts in promoting local farmers. SACOG, an association of local governments, today announced the winners of its 2010 SACOG Salutes! Awards, which recognize people and organizations that have made a significant difference in the Sacramento region in the past year. Of the 10 winners, five are food-related. The other four, in addition to Mulvaney’s, are Bogle Vineyards, Soil Born Farms, Apple Hill Growers Association and Joanne Neft, owner of Persimmon Cafe in Lincoln and co-author of the recently published Placer County Real Food cookbook. In choosing this year’s winners, SACOG recognized achievements in protecting and promoting the region’s rural areas. Mulvaney’s, of course, is known for its farm-to-table cuisine and for owner Patrick Mulvaney’s championing of local farmers such as John Bledsoe and Suzanne Peabody Ashworth. SACOG will present the awards next Friday at the Sacramento Convention Center.