Mulvaney's Jumps on Weight Watchers Bandwagon


Last week, Mulvaney’s Building & Loan quietly began offering a lunch entrée worth seven points under the Weight Watchers Point System. The restaurant’s chef de cuisine, Eric Veldman-Miller, is a fan of Weight Watchers. He lost 45 pounds on the program, which assigns a points value to every food based on its calories, fat and fiber. (Instead of counting calories, dieters count points.) When customers began asking for a Weight Watchers-friendly lunch option, owner Patrick Mulvaney gave Veldman-Miller the go-ahead to create one. Currently, it’s grilled swordfish with white bean puree and roasted vegetables for $15. (The dish will change with the seasons and the chef’s whim.) The words “Weight Watchers” and “points” don’t appear anywhere on the menu. Instead, the dish is discreetly flagged as “an unexpected entrée.”

So is he going to do Weight Watchers, I asked Mulvaney. “No, I just watch my weight go up,” said the famously bacon-loving chef.