Love Me, Love my Robot Coupe


If you’re an avid cook or baker, it’s likely that you have a certain piece of kitchen equipment to which you are (obsessively) attached. Mine is a beautiful, burgundy-colored Robot Coupe that my husband calls “the other love of your life.” Sort of a food processor on steroids, this baby can chew up, grind and pulverize practically anything I put in it. Together we happily insta-chop roasted nuts, reduce whole cookies to crumbs in mere seconds, puree fruits for sauces and batches of ice cream, and whip up oatmeal crumble toppings for pies and fruit crisps. I never tire of its loud whirring noise as it competently reduces bulky items into tiny pieces, and I feel a heady sense of power every time I touch the “on” button and hear the machine roar to life. While I feel great affection for all of my baking equipment, I have given my heart to the Robot Coupe.